Dubya Spectacularly Meets Saran Wrap.

Like millions of Americans, I watched ‘Inauguration Day’ via a computer screen. It was interesting to watch the peaceful transfer of power from what, is seemingly, one extreme to the other, while both extremes were surrounded by one another.

It was like Ric Flair making a speech standing in the middle of NWA and WWF wrestlers, while Hulk Hogan had to sit there and watch only a few feet away.

At first glance, and during the morning hours I thought, “Wow. Melania is the new Pippa. She stole the show.” Of course I’m talking about how the world went googoo for Pippa at the Royal wedding some years ago.

I was wrong.

Melania did not steal the show. Dubya did.

I know a Presidential speech is supposed to be moving, inspiring, and/or awesome, but George W. Bush’s fantastic, phenomenal, spectacular encounter with a plastic sheet was so damn funny that I have been moved to tears more than once this weekend. I don’t know why, but I think the photos above are hilarious.

To think that some of these folks have been leaders of the free world is so interesting. The millions of lives in their hands, and trillions of dollars that could shift on a decision is such a daunting thought. That said, if you gave the man a thimble, what would he do with it? Put it up to his ear? Stick his tongue in it? If Al Gore gave George his coveted Social Security “looockbooox,” what would he do with it? Put it in his crawl space? His peeps found the leader of Iraq in a hole, but could his way out of a wet paper bag? Who knows, he couldn’t find his way into a plastic one.

When I worked at Leon Jones Insurance, my uncle Mike used to say, “Puuuunk, you can tell how smart somebody is by the way they fold a map, puuuunk.” Now that we don’t have maps anymore maybe Mike will use the unfolding of a plastic poncho as the new bar.

The best part about it all, and why folks love George W. Bush, is dude doesn’t give a you know what, and I get that. After all, who am I to judge, he’s been a governor of a great state, the president of the U.S., and whatever else, while I’m worried about my little Wordpress site haha.

If you think I’m being ‘political’ here, I’m not, and need anyone that thinks so to pull back a little. I just think it’s funny.

Larger point here; I heard somewhere that the entire event has a tab over 100 million dollars. A hundred million dollars and the rain plan is to pass out sheets of Saran wrap. Hmmm…

Thank goodness they didn’t give him a fragrance infused Hefty bag as the pics may not have been so funny. That said, perhaps the party planners went with Suran Wrap in the spirit of transparency. #YouSeeWhatIDidThere

Whew. Exhale… Jennifer and I have had a lot of laughs this weekend.

Thank you!


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