Vacant Lot For Sale On “Forest Lake.”

A few days ago we listed a stellar build-able vacant lot on Forest Lake. Repeat: not “in” Forest Lake, but ON Forest Lake. 748 Spring Lake is a super-long lot, with a soft slope towards the lake.

The pic above is Amanda tromping through the overgrown foliage on the property. She didn’t know I took this pic, and may be a little miffed I’m throwing it on the blog. Miff’ness nothwithstanding, I think it’s a pretty good illustration of what we’re doing on any given day. After all, if you know us, you know Amanda has a little vogue’ness about her. That said, the woman hustles at the job and as you can see, not afraid to do the less than glam stuff to make things happen.

About ten feet behind her, I’m pretty much ruining a suit. We’ll see what Tripp’s Fine Cleaners can do with it, but this blue window-pane(er) may be shot. Ugh, but that’s part of it.

748 Spring Lake is an extremely long, spacious lot. If you know downtown Columbia, the two most popular/largest lakes are Forest Lake and Lake Katherine.

Over the years I’ve heard many stories from Columbia natives about how they learned to ski on Forest Lake, and even more reminisce about after work booze cruises. Not a bad vision for property only minutes to downtown Columbia. What I’m getting at, is property surrounding Forest Lake is considered by many to be the most valuable real estate in Columbia.

Call or email or for plats, specs, or anything else. Further still, feel free to do a ride by or walk the lot. 748 Spring Lake is offered for $250,000.

Thank you!


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