Land @ Heathwood ‘Closed’ Today.

DevereauxSignTuesday morning Amanda and I closed on the final portion of the property between Kilbourne Rd. and Devereaux Rd. in Heathwood. The first closing took place a few months ago on four of the nine lots. Today, the rest of the property officially changed hands.

This first class project has been a long time in the making. The vacant land has been sitting docile for years, having different “For Sale” signs dot the landscape during all that time. Since the real estate boom, and during the recession, this property has been waiting on someone to pull the trigger. The trigger has been pulled.

As of right now two lots are Under Contract on Devereaux side, with one home currently under construction. One lot is Under Contract on Kilbourne Rd. It’s an exciting project for Downtown Columbia, and will be home to some super happy buyers/homeowners.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about the opportunity to purchase a vacant lot in the middle of Heathwood please call Amanda or me at 803-758-1669/803-609-0526, or email / .

Thank you!



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