USC Can Still Do It. Lattimore Would…

Gamecocks Can Rally Around Loss of Superstar
Around 2:30ish, while I was holding an Open House @ my listing on Kilbourne Rd., a visitor shared the news about Marcus Lattimore being lost for the remainder of USC’s football season. My first reaction was, “Holy crap. Wow, the air just let out of this city.” Second reaction: “I wonder how he’s taking it.” While I didn’t mean anything terrible by the order of my thoughts, I felt a little guilty about it.

That said, given the statement from Lattimore’s family, I think the young man’s going to be OK. I also think the Gamecocks still have a chance to grab the precious SEC East title. Now that the Gamecocks have gotten this far, and lost to Auburn anyway, USC still continues to hold its own future, with only UGA nipping at our heels. Given that UT and UF are having down years, and the Gators forced to play under the Sandstorm @ Williams-Brice, USC can pick up the needed “W’s.” We’ll see.

I have no idea where the pic above derived. My best guess is it’s from the running back’s days in high school. I chose it because it’s a good illustration of what’s to come for USC’s young hero. Further, it’s a pretty good illustration that major college sports isn’t just showing up, putting on a slick Under Armour uniform, and running really fast while 84,000 fans chant your name. It’s hard work, and crazy preparation. Marcus Lattimore is about to go through major preparation, and I just felt like the pic shows he’s up for it.

I don’t mean to post this for negative purposes. Quite the contrary, in fact. Carolina football has major athletic talent, and can slick & power through this setback, if they decide to.

Either way, we’ll be @ Williams-Brice…or a parking lot near by.

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