Gamecock Sponsorship Info.

A TON of friends and readers of this blog will love this post. It’s fun information, and if anyone knows of folks or companies that can take advantage of these opportunities, here you go!

Of the opportunities presented re: ‘bang for the buck,’ my druthers would have us sponsor the Football Outdoor Practice Field, or a Williams-Brice Stadium Gate for 500,000.

Distilling this down (to reality), the Franklin & Amanda Network proudly enjoys awesome exposure from “The F|A Tent.”

Seeing the pic above is a fun memory. Check out my NICU bracelets for my twin girls, and if you click the pic, my Leaguer friends will notice the “old” JLC logo on the Tervis. #GoodStuff

That all said, check the info below and pass it on if you know anyone that would be interested in the various levels of giving and naming opportunities.

See below..

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

$25,000 – $99,999
$100,000 – $249,999
$250,000 – $999,999
In The
$1,000,000 – $4,999,999
Dodie Anderson

Current Athletics Naming Opportunities

  • Football Operations Center                                                                                                                                    – Weight Room – $1,000,000
    – Team (Offense) Meeting Room – $250,000
    – Position Group Meeting Room – $75,000
  • Football Outdoor Practice Field – $500,000
  • Williams-Brice Stadium Gate – $500,000
  • Founders Park Office Lobby – $250,000
  • Rice Athletics Center Conference Room – $100,000
  • Carolina Tennis Center Court – $50,000
  • Tutoring Room at the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center – $50,000
  • Springs Brooks Plaza Bench – $25,000


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