USA – China Sewing Competitive Fabric

U.S. Olympians In Sino Threads, With A French Twist
In a couple of weeks pretty much all of us will be Tweeting and FBook’in about the Summer Olympics. After all, since the last summer Olympics four years ago, I can’t think of too many events that jumped me off the sofa like two of Michael Phelp’s races. Remember that medley??? Holy moly, Jason Lezak (the anchor leg), had the whole world YELLING as he paddled the leader down. Whew, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Fast forward to 2012, and the announcement of the uniforms to be worn at the Opening Ceremony in London. As a side note, here’s an interesting tidbit – “For inspiration, the Ralph Lauren team relied on photos from USOC’s archives, 1948 in particular, the last time the Games were held in London. Knowing that we were going back to England, there was a feeling of Chariots of Fire,” David Lauren, the designer’s son, said.

Two things:
Point 1 – They’re made in China. Hmmm. There’s outrage all over Capitol Hill about this. Leading the bark, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went off saying, “I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them.” Strong statement, and I get it. I also remember the Canadian company “Roots” that outfitted our team. Outrage? Different relationships, different time. Again, I get it.  

Team USA should be wearing uniforms made in the United States.

Point 2 – That flippin’ BERET. C’mon Ralph! Your stuff is awesome and I may not know fashion, but the success of the Roots brand beret in Canada years ago won’t translate into huge beret sales in the United States.  

Here’s an novel idea (sarcasm injected). Why not outfit our athletes in a good ole’ American baseball cap? Here’s the thing: I’d bet ONE (1) in 1,000 of my friends own a beret (and he owns 25ish baseball caps!). Conversely, I know that 1,000 of 1,000 friends wear baseball caps. Get it? It’s us. It’s American. I don’t understand why Ralph Lauren keeps pushing the French beret.

To take it even further, I can’t think of one noun (person, place or thing… haha), sporting or otherwise, that’s had a more worldwide influence than our baseball cap. I mean seriously, pretty much everyone in first world countries, and even many in third world countries, wear baseball style lids. C’mon, Ralph! Go with it!

We often debate regarding “substance vs symbolism.” The two points above, in my opinion, cover substance AND symbolism, both of which have their place in American pride.

This all said, no matter the garb, I’ll be watching Team USA pretty much every night.

Just FYI, during some of my Googling for this post I saw you can purchase the Ralph Lauren Olympic blazer in the pic above for $795. Remember, made in China…

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