Untainted, Wholesome, Pure.. Laurens

A few days ago, the nation and world learned that if one wants to offer their name as a GOP candidate in Laurens County, South Carolina, they must be the “right kind” of Republican. To take things further, any candidate no matter their qualifications, brilliance, or talents, must sign a “Purity Pledge.” You can’t just say, “I swear,” and a Promise Ring just will not do. To get on the ballot, you must sign that you live up to abstinence before marriage, have been faithful to your spouse, and of course….no porno.

Oh well, enough with typing from that angle. Every group has a way, and a Purity Pledge may have worked for the Laurens County GOP.

Here’s where I’m shaking my head on this. What a nightmare for the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce and economic development folks. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the committee would prefer perfect people to lead their community. Great. That said, I also understand that they’re looking for the impossible.

Further, as all communities claw for job growth and a youthful tax base, this is exactly the opposite of what CEO’s and high school seniors want to see. To be candid, in an attempt to make their community better, they likely constructed a job repellent.

As a side note, this is the same South Carolina county where you could find the world famous “Redneck Shop,” which is still a PR boondoggle for our state.

If you think about it, this “story” rubs the transparency plank sideways, too, as the committee met behind closed doors. Transparency must not be in the Purity Pledge. Oh well.

I’m for South Carolina, and Laurens County. I hope this 28 point action hasn’t gone too mainstream (media mainstream), as it simply doesn’t fit in 2012’s world. Think about it like this: I don’t know the numbers, but it would be very interesting to know the margin of victory Newt Gingrich enjoyed @Laurens County last month. You see what I’m getting at. Newt couldn’t be on the ballot in Laurens. He won.

In an odd effort, the Purity Pledge is sad at best, and an oxymoron at worst. In short, it’s illegal and kinda impossible. My hope is that not too much damage has been done to Laurens County, and South Carolina. We’re in a regional AND global jobs recruitment battle, and this sort of action doesn’t help the Palmetto State in any way.

It’s to be noted that the SCGOP has deemed the “Purity Pledge” illegal, and in some form or fashion, renounced the action.

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