Un-Sweet Tea and Oxymorons

Contradictions Everywhere in Sign Soundbites
A couple of friends decided to attend the Tea Party held at the SC Statehouse the other day. While I understand their frustration with whats going on in America, they probably shouldn’t be standing next to each other.

The guy on the left is apparently upset that some folks aren’t able to gather the money to pay their bills properly. I can appreciate that. What he fails to recognize is that the nice man in the middle doesn’t mind if America’s largest companies die on their own swords of mismanagement and greed. This is the great dilemma of it all.

If a ginormous company falters and leaves a person without an income, then how does the jobless one pay his mortgage or even the heat bill?

Further still, the man on the left obviously has a mortgage on his home. I’m assuming this because his verbiage of “pay your ‘own’ mtg.” Apparently he is hard working as well as fortunate. Having said this, someone should ask him how would he pay his payment if he was fired.

Anyway, I’m sure these fine men feel like they got their points across. The dilemma is that they’re cancelling each other out. Enter our nation’s ‘Catch-22.’



  2. I see the “No” on the middle sign.

    Here’s how I’m seeing it.

    The fellow in the middle doesn’t want the federal gov’t to bailout a private company with taxpayer’s money. Therefore, he’s good with the failure of the company.

    If a company fails, folks lose jobs and therefore cannot pay their mortgages…which contradicts the protestor on the left.

    The easy answer is for the person to sell. In many parts of the country, this ain’t happening.

    This is the great dilemma that protestors and elected officials are having trouble with. It’s either have a job and pay the mortgage, or lose a job and can’t pay the mortgage.

  3. I agree with your assessment Franklin. I also agree that anyone that attended these “tea parties” really needs to go back to school and take US History 101.

    The Boston Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because they believed that it violated their constitutional right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives.

    Key word – their representative. The British Government was attempting to tax heavily the early US Colonists. In this case it is our own representatives that are acting…and to my knowledge there has been no “tax bill” yet passed.

    They are holding these “tea parties” in response to the bailouts….but yet they offer no other solutions, just rhetoric and ideologies. We sat by idly for 8 years while this built and did nothing. I am not saying what the current administration is doing is right (b/c it’s to early to tell) but at least they are coming up with ideas.

    If we took the 24hr news shows and drive time radio off for 1 month, bet we see a spike in the market, consumer confidence on the rise, and a lot of problems disappear.

    Sorry for the long response, but people should take a history lesson before they act like morons.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I agree with For Real on the 24 hour news stations. I would bet a lot of money that 24/7 news is the root of many problems that otherwise wouldn’t be as much so.

  5. Anonymous says

    I think all of these comments go to prove that anyone can twist any situation or argument to fit their own beliefs – including For Real plagiarizing Wikipedia to sound as if they know the details of the Boston Tea Party. That would have probably gotten you an “F” in History 101.

    The current day “Tea Parties” are not lead by organized groups, and are not meant to specifically mimic the protests of 1773. They are simply Americans who pay taxes who want to share their displeasure at the idea of the government taking their hard earned money to do with as they see fit. Both political parties are guilty of this, but since there is an extremely liberal administration in the White House currently that desires to “spread the wealth”, they are catching the brunt of the criticism. After growing up in a poor family, I paid for my own college education and now have a decent paying job. I personally resent the idea that my hard-earned money (as will be my children’s and grand-children’s) is taken away to provide a prop for companies that have been mismanaged often with the empowerment of government, or to support people who can’t pay their mortgage/bills because they bought a house they couldn’t afford or maybe even lied on a loan application. I know, I know… the evil banks made those loans to those people. Culpability lies with the banks, the politicians who encouraged the “everyone has a right to own a house” mentality, and the borrowers themselves who had the bad judgement to buy houses they knew they couldn’t afford. By the way, I am OK with providing support for people who have legitimate mortgages which are not above their means and then find themselves a victim of job loss due to the current economic situation.

    Anyway, I digress-
    The “tea parties” are simply a way for American citizens who are fed up to voice their concerns – whatever they may be. I believe great things are happening and that the masses that slept through the last election because they were fed up are now waking up. Regardless of what you belive in – stand up for it! I think it is a shame that these Americans are excoriated for doing just that – standing up for what they believe in.

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