Typing From The Beach This Week.

DebordieuViewAfter spending a few hours getting my car out of the shop Friday morning, we finally started to make our way to the beach. As far as beaches go we’ve traveled off our regular path. We’re spending a week at DeBordieu for the first time (for me, anyway)

As a kid I had never heard of “DebbyDo.” From what I remember, we always traveled about five or so hours to Myrtle Beach (from Anderson). To us it was, “what you did.” As far as I can remember we would arrive at night and troll the Grand Strand for “Vacancy” signs. Every now and then there may be a trip to Charleston but “the beach” meant Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Living in Columbia (and purposely traveling through Manning for various reasons), has us vacationing in Pawley’s Island and Litchfield pretty much every time we hit the coast. Well, on the way to Pawley’s/Litchfield we’ve passed by the DeBordieu Colony sign every time, of course. What I’m getting at is that I’ve never vacationed here. So far it’s pretty awesome! (I know….why wouldn’t it be??)

I’m hoping this week will be awesome for Jennifer. We are with some of our best friends, Michael and Mundi George, and their awesome girls. Our oldest, Finley, is with us, but our twins are at home. :/

What does this mean? Since Finley is five, and the George girls are older than Finley, everyone is pretty much self sustaining. They know what’s dangerous, they can swim, stick a straw in a juice box, turn on a TV, make a sandwich (sort of), and all that. In short, this will be the first beach trip in about six years that isn’t a week of a baby crappin’ and nappin. Many of you know the drill: Sit/stand, chase, sit/stand, chase, sand in mouth, get under umbrella, sit/stand, bottle, “don’t touch that jellyfish!,” get under umbrella, “don’t touch my drink,” sand I diaper, nap, bottle, poop, up and down, bottle, poop, sit/stand. Ahhh…..”vacation.”

This week it’s all about listening to a bunch of little girls giggling in the background, and a bunch of hangin’ out.

The reason for this post is really an opportunity to give contact info while I’m gone.

Amanda Payne – 803-609-0526 – amandaqpayne@live.com
Amy Ackerman – 803-467-0712 – amy.ackerman@gmail.com
Elizabeth Ross – 803-917-3889 – elizabethross.sc@gmail.com

Amanda, Amy, and Elizabeth will be glad to help while we’re gone. If you need to sign a doc, have a pending inspection, or have a closing coming up, I would probably email amy.ackerman@gmail.com and she can handle or distribute accordingly.

Of course I’ll have my phone on the beach or pool without fail. I may not be able to get to it immediately, but I can deal. 🙂

Thank you!

Franklin (and Jennifer)

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