“Twelfth Night” Party in Shandon

Gifts Delivered on Twelfth Night…Shandon Style

Tonight we found ourselves on Woodrow St. (between Monroe and Heyward) having a big time at one of the most original reasons to get together of the year.

The annual “Twelfth Night Revelry” is thrown by “The Lord of Misrule,”… Mary Greene.

If you Google these terms, you’ll find all sorts of definitions and explanations depending on how far you go back in time. For tonight, I’ll go with the “Shakespeare” version…seeing as how he wrote a play about it and all.

The event always turns out a big crowd as a nice collection of Columbia’s “Who’s Who” celebrates the giving portion of the “Twelfth Night.” Of course, the “Lord of Misrule” provided wonderful food, drink and good times.

As for the venue, Mary has turned her traditional Shandon bungalow into an awesome home in which to entertain. Her open kitchen/den area is filled with granite slab, and her private backyard/carport serves as a perfect place to throw such an event.

After all of the tremendous effort, Mary gets the great pleasure of delivering the many gifts to the Ladies at The Women’s Shelter. Items such as lotion, laundry detergent and phone cards are emotionally received, and very much appreciated by the ladies at The Shelter.

Thank you for having us Mary, and for being the Lady of Misrule.

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