Trolling Around The Vista District.


What you’re looking at is a jon boat that’s been sitting in a carport in Shandon for seven, eight, maybe nine years (look at the dirt on that motor. Wow). Depending on who you ask, it may belong to me, or Trav Robertson, Jr. Why do you care? You don’t, but it’s what’s going on in my world right now.

I reluctantly type this as not to jinx anything, but our house at 2312 Wilmot Avenue in Shandon is scheduled to close tomorrow at 5PM. History told, I purchased the home and lived there with my brother and a friend of his a few months before Jennifer and I were married  (that’s a whole ‘nother story…UGH).

As we’ve moved towards Thursday’s closing date, we’ve been cleaning out the last bit of the house over the last couple of days. Some clothes, a few framed pictures, some golf clubs, a reel lawn mower, some boxes I’ve saved full of Kinsey’s stuff from years past, etc. That all said, the elephant in the room (carport) is this damn jon-boat that’s been collecting my random stuff for all this time. Real estate open house signs, King’s Grant signs, Amanda’s old Prudential Palmetto signs and name riders, boxes of files, and on and on.

Here’s the thing, and I hedge to admit it, but think I may be OK because I’m pretty sure Jennifer doesn’t read this blog: To this day, Jennifer may or may not think the boat in the pic above belongs to my lifelong friend, Trav, and she absolutely does not want to see it at our current home. As in, “Do not bring that POS to my house.” Hmm…

Enter, my brother. After a few texts back and forth Michael swooped in earlier today and dumped all my stuff out, and pumped up two flat tires with Fix-A-Flat foam, making this rig moveable again.

Where is it now? The Vista. Yep, that’s right. The photo above is the boat sitting in a parking space Downtown, with those lights.

Anyone in the Vista District of Columbia, South Carolina is probably looking at the freekin’ redneckest thing they’ve ever seen – A jon-boat with click-on glow lights taped down with duct tape.

Obviously, those lights make it street legal…enough.

Congratulations to the buyers of 2312 Wilmot Ave. Jen and I loved living here. Walking to everything Devine Street was pretty cool (we still miss this), and we’ll always remember this house as where we brought our three girls home. Well done to the buyers of this cool house on such an awesome block of Shandon.

Back to the boat, I hope Michael got it out of the Vista quickly and got it home without getting pulled over. Thanks to him we’ll have more years of catfishing in this dirty a** tin can together.

Franklin Jones

PS: Jennifer, this is Trav’s boat.



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