Trip To Anderson, SC To Be With Mom…

AndersonMemorial1This week began with all systems go when I got hit with a medical monkey wrench. This morning, my mom was scheduled for emergency surgery at Anderson Memorial Hospital (Now AnMed, I think). Turns out, due to scar tissue from her past episode her intestines developed a bad kink. While I know that’s not the best medical description, it’s the best illustration I’ve got.

Given my wife is on bed rest with twins, and that we’re managing our three year old’s needs the best we can, there was some debate if I should go to Anderson for the day. After a couple of hours of deliberation (a team huddle), Jennifer, Amanda, Amy and I thought it would be best if I dropped everything and hit the road.

Around noon I scooped up my brother, Michael Jones, and we high tailed it to our hometown to be with our family in Anderson, SC.

After a few tense hours mom made it out of surgery OK. She has another huge scar and will be @ Anderson Memorial recovering for at least five days. Good news!…., but big UGH.

Michael and I are back in the Midlands, but are certainly on call for our mom. Thanks to Amanda, Amy, Elizabeth, Townes, Ginny, and Jennifer’s mom for covering everything we have going on.

Back in the saddle tomorrow morning!


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