Travel and Sofa Sitting Season is Over

First of 52 Week “Sprints” Begins Tomorrow

When Christmas and New Years Day are on a Tues, Wed or Thursday it makes for a VERY long “off season” for many people. Folks obviously have the actual holiday “day” off, but more often than not they also have the day’s before and after off as well….which feeds into a weekend. On Monday, all of this is over…and I welcome it.

I actually had a good bit of production during the two weeks, but the emails and calls definitely took a dip. This is all well and good, as I love watching bowl games and movies….but I’m glad it’s over.

We are poised and ready to take on 2009 like we have the past four years. Most people in the industry think of their real estate business in “seasons,” with the spring and early summer as their big months with Oct, Nov, and December as their down months. Not here. Here, every week is the same for our buyers and sellers.

I like to think of the year as a series of 52, five day sprints…sort of like going through 52 horse races. Every Monday, is the beginning of a new dash to see what we can do for the week. Maybe this is why some of my biggest months have been in November and December. Who knows?

Nevertheless, Monday is a new work year and the start of a new sprint. I’m ready for the gates to open.


  1. Jenna, The Wife says

    That dog looks much like Franklin sitting on the sofa watching TV. The only thing missing is his laptop with e-mail or FaceBook on the screen.

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