Tom Young Goes For It

Tom Young Will Run for Skipper’s Seat
February 21, 2008 Filed Under The Shot Written by The Shot

His statement:
I’m running for the State House to share my Plan for Palmetto Progress with Aiken County voters. Having been born and raised in Aiken, I understand and appreciate the quality of life that we enjoy in Aiken County. It is important that we preserve that quality of life but also work to move our region forward.
Based on the conservative business principles of Ronald Reagan and Carroll Campbell, my plan can make our county and our state more competitive in today’s global economy by recruiting jobs, cutting taxes, reining in wasteful spending, preserving our natural resources, fighting illegal immigration, reducing the cost of health insurance, and building an education system that provides a trained workforce. Many people in state government talk about change, but unfortunately it’s followed by inaction while our state remains in neutral. My plan will support efforts to restructure state government and efforts to strengthen family values.
In the following weeks, we will release portions of my Plan for Palmetto Progress. These ideas – many known but some unknown to the voters — will reform Columbia and move both Aiken County and our State forward. We are excited about the opportunity to serve and look forward to taking our message – A Plan for Palmetto Progress – to the people.


  1. hows ya momma an dem?

  2. Tom will be an excellent choice. In an era where whackos(single issued, spineless followers) seem to be getting elected b/c of sheer voter apathy, he would be a great assest to the people of SC and the voters of Aiken. Smart, nice family, well grounded, and reasonable, with no allegiances to carry water for single issue groups…I am talking to you taxpayer groups…

  3. anonymous,

    My mom is doing just fine. Thank you for asking. I’m not sure who “dem” is, but I’m sure they’re doing great too.

  4. politico,

    I don’t know all of the specifics of his politics, but I do know that he is a friend, leader, and all around top-shelf person.

    As to the (single issued, spineless followers) comment… Single issue negative voting, often does get in the way of the greater good.

  5. Anonymous says

    Tom Young is what this State needs. We need more people Like Jake Knotts, Skipper Perry, Tommy Moore to stand up to our crazy Gov. Sanford. Tom Young is a Trial Lawyer and nows how to stand up to people. Vote for Trial Lawyer Tom Young, JR June 11th.

  6. Anonymous says

    How many of you have heared of the
    S C Medical Review Board, the
    doctors who should review any complaints against doctors. They
    send the file to the license bureau
    who in turn seal it and never hear
    the case. Tom Young protects the
    lawyers and the doctrs not the pts.
    On your computor get” SC Medical
    Practice act” and read it. Read
    the unfair amendments of 2006 and2007. I am waiting 2 years. AHalo

  7. Anonymous says

    What does stand up to people mean
    He stands up against injured
    people, helps doctors who injure
    and keeps isurance rates down by
    denying claims for injuries

    Helen Oakes

  8. Anonymous says

    If you personally don’t know Tom, you need to get to know him as a person. Once you get to know him as a person, you will know he is a man of character and his word. Take the time to know the person before you say negative things against them. Being a lawyer is one facet of Tom it is not who he is as a man. He is a family man, man of God, and will stand up for the little guy. I know, I’m a little guy in education and he stands up for me. Once again take time to get to know Tom as a person.

    Tom will carry Aiken County far and will bring good things to education in Aiken County and the state. Tom will brings good things to Aiken County if you take the time to trulu hear what he is saying. If you don’t understand, ask Tom what he means, and he will explain it to you!

  9. Anonymous says

    Tom Young
    Is a typical South Carolina good old boy (democrat)
    he will keep every thing just like Tomny Moore wanted it. The public schools are and will remain
    first in ignorance because this state has idiots in the house.

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