To Our 864 KW Family – Thank You!!

HamiltonTruck1HamiltonTruckHamiltonTruckFALots of friends have seen these pics by now, but I feel the need to give more context.

I met Dan Hamilton and Teresa Jones a few years ago at a real estate conference held in Charleston, SC. We hung out and all that, and learned stuff from each other and others from all around the country. Over the years we’ve become friends, and by now, would even consider Dan and Teresa ‘travel buds.’

Truth told, outside my experience in Boca Raton, Florida, Hamilton & Company may be my initial spark and the combustion that led us to the Keller Williams opportunity. That’s a post for another time.

Fast forward to today. When Amanda told me two Realtors from Hamilton & Co. were driving their filled truck to the Midlands to help with victims of the flood, our relationship changed again. I mean, how cool! These guys are as busy as anyone and they took time to give up their box truck, help fill it up, drive it to Columbia (drive it back), and unload it, was freakin’ awesome.

A few days ago, Dan had me on his radio show to update the Upstate on the latest developments in the Midlands. I was proud to do it, but more thankful to him for caring.

I want to personally and professionally thank Dan Hamilton, Teresa Jones, Mary Beth Shealy, and Corinne Nickell for whatever and every role they had in making this happen. While we already had a fantastic relationship with Dan and Teresa, we now love Mary Beth and Corinne, and can’t wait to work with them in the future.

Thank you, Hamilton and Company! I know the folks in the S. Beltline area may never know where their supplies came from today, but are extremely grateful!

Franklin Jones

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