“Timeless Meter” May Be A Good Idea

Columbia Could Be First in Nation for Pilot Program

When I was walking to my car from Starbucks today, an idea popped into my head. Wonder if it would be a good idea to introduce a “Timeless Meter.” Hmmmmm…..

The plan would work sort of like the Forever Stamp at the Post Office; If the city of Columbia would agree to it, a resident could have the option to purchase a license plate from the DMV (or current tag w/ modification) at a rather high cost. If the DMV didn’t want to get involved, maybe the city could issue plastic hangers for the rear view mirror, so the meter man can easily identify the participant.

I’m sure there’s an equation that makes the venture advantageous to the city. I would think that some users would take full advantage of their investment, and some would almost forget it. The city would “bet” on the latter. It would probably end up being a huge cash cow, much like the warranty system works at Best Buy or Verizon where, half the folks don’t mail in the receipts to get their money back. At least, the citizens would have the option.

Anyway, I thought it was a fleeting thought worth mentioning. I’d bet that many of my friends would pay $500./year, to have the parking meter man walk by their car, without breaking a stride.


  1. Clay Courts says

    Ok Jones, I sort of am on to this idea, except for the fact that I should get to park in the valet spots at night

  2. I would not pay $500/year. I don’t even pay close to $100 in parking a year so maybe I would be willing to pay that for a hangy thing!

  3. clay courts,

    Thanks! I think it might be something worth looking at. You deserve a valet spot. Ill see if I can swing you a spot at Garibaldi’s or Saludas, from Thurs – Sunday night. 🙂

  4. meghan,

    I don’t pay $500/year either, until it’s time to get towed. Then, it all equals out. I really just threw a number out there. Someone would have to figure out the right equation to make it attractive for the driver, and worth it for the city.

    Having said that, it would be worth paying some hundreds of dolla’s/year, for the piece of mind of not getting ticketed/towed everytime you have lunch or get a Starbucks.

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