Time To Unhook Twitterfeed/Facebook.

Last year, I posted about a quandary that many active social media users endure; Should I set up my Tweets to automatically link to my Facebook feed? As you can see from the post , I decided to swim against their advice, and “hook” Twitter and Facebook together. Fast forward to 2012, and I’m going to separate the two, at least for a while.

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to switch it up.
1) Many more of my friends are now on Twitter than a year ago. That said, while I know all of my Facebook friends, I still only know a fraction of my Twitter followers. What I’m getting at is, my comments are simply going to have a different “take” on the different platforms. I just don’t feel comfy Re-Tweeting some Tweets to my friends on Facebook. In short, because of the unfamiliarity of each person’s Twitter followers, the Tweets are much more raw than I care to share with my friends on Facebook.

2) Twitter has become mainstream, and in many ways, a more fun place to tap and scroll than Facebook. The Twitter feed has become a more entertaining version of what the Facebook NewsFeed used to be. Too entertaining, perhaps, to gel together.

3) Twitter has become too fast for Facebook to handle. For example, Tweeps all knew Michael Jackson died before Facebook knew Farrah Fawcett passed away (and 12 full hours before my grandaddy knew of either, btw… #NewspaperInHisFrontYardTheNextMorning). Just the other day, Tweeps knew Joe Paterno died before Peter could get to the Pearly Gate. Some of you may wonder why anyone would care about that. Perhaps you wouldn’t, but it’s a good snapshot of how Twitter works. @LizGReardon hit the nail on the head when she Tweeted something to the effect of, “Being on Twitter is like seeing the future!” Oddly true! All Tweeps knew Osama bin Laden had been killed 20 minutes before everyone else saw the news on TV.

4 ) Play by play sports and political action. EVERY play and EVERY comment of any game/debate is Tweeted and either heralded or blasted by a person’s thought. No one would clog their Facebook NewsFeed with this sort of quick, funny, and raw banter. It’s FUN, but it’s A LOT of banter!

5) When my Facebook friends see that little blue bird icon at the end of a comment that reads something like, “RT @5DayBander rings #POTUS @SOTU @FamouslyHot big time. #scgop #sctweets #teacyber.” As you can see, I’m sure not ONE of my family members (other than Jennifer) can read what I just “Re-Tweeted,” or have any interest, for that matter. #WhiteNoise #DeafEars

6) There’s an app that allows Tweeps to simply type “#fb”, that will place selected Tweets to land on Facebook. This way, I/Tweeps can pick and choose with a little more dicipline.

This all said, I’m unhooking Twitter from Facebook this week. Will it affect friends/clients in any way? In no way, whatsoever. It’s just a fleeting thought, and a good way for the blog to flow into the weekend.

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