Throw Coach Bowden a Lifeline!

Bowden Calls Coach Saban. Wut!?

Clemson coach, Tommy Bowden, swallowed his pride and called Nick Saban for advice. And Mark Richt. And Frank Beamer. And his father. He said their feedback will help him help the team regroup after the loss to Alabama.

What in the world? Is Coach Bowden, ok? Is he a pride swallower, or just a plain donky donk?

Contrary to most of my Gamecock ultra fans, I think Bowden can get it done at Clemson. However, after about 10 years of upstate disappointment, I may be wrong.

What is this call all about? IPTAY boosters must be APPALLED!…

Coach Bowden,… it’s Ok. You’re gonna be Ok. It’s simple. Don’t put SEC schools on your schedule. No biggie. You’ll be fine….promise.

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