This Year’s Team Is Ready For Action!


If you do or don’t know anything about NFL Fantasy Football, what you’re looking at is my team for the upcoming season. Right or wrong, over the years I have a habit of going for familiar names. Some may say, “Well, duh..!” It’s not that easy. What I actually mean is that I draft brand names you may have heard of on ESPN’s Sports Center in the later rounds (The picture above doesn’t show my bench).

My thinking is that the household names have a knack for making news, and winning. After all, if they’re not making news for being a$$holes or busts, they’re in the news for winning, or making plays.

Interestingly, this year was a little different. Here’s why. Love him or hate him, Tom Brady produces. He just freekin’ does. As most of you know, however, he’s on the sidelines for the first four weeks of the season because of “Deflategate.” Well, given Brady would be left out of the earliest picks this year,(because of the suspension), I hedged that no one else would take him until much later. I used that hedge as a chance to take another big name running back/receiver while everyone else left Brady alone. It worked.

As you can see I picked up Jay Cutler in a super late round to be my QB for those first four weeks. I think he was the only starter left so I scooped him up.

My last pick was a kicker. While I usually think of productive offenses, good weather franchises, or maybe dome kickers first, I thought Ryan Succop would be a good fit to round out the team. #Gamecocks

While I don’t “get into it” big time, Fantasy Football is fun. Time will tell how my strategery works out.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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