“This Heat Is No Joke This Year.”

PSA………..Check this out!

A REALTOR friend of mine, Brenda Starnes, took the pic above and explained what’s what. Apparently, the owners of the burned house put a cardboard box into their Herby Curby. The house next door’s window reflected the sun’s rays onto the cardboard and set it on fire, which melted the vinyl siding of the home.

Many of you can imagine, as a lot of us created this effect as kids with a magnifying glass and a dry leaf? Remember?

I know we don’t sell many homes with vinyl facades in Downtown Columbia, SC, but I thought this may be worth a post for our REALTOR friends that do and for family and friends that may own homes with vinyl or know folks who do.

Like Brenda’s post reads, “This heat is no joke this year. Don’t keep cardboard near your house.”

Tell your friends where applicable.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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