This Father’s Day Was So Well Done…

This Father’s Day was a fun, easy going day, full of some of my favorite things. First, we watched a couple of good political shows, then Dr. Estep give a good lesson to all the Christian dads out there. After that, we headed to Cafe’ Caturra for a late lunch. Obviously being so close to a Starbucks, you know what came next.

After opening a house for an investor on Sylvan Dr. in Forest Acres, we cruised to King’s Grant to remove a lockbox from the front door of 35 W. Tombee. Driving around the loop, we put a fresh red and white “SOLD” sign on the house at N. King’s Grant Drive, then headed home.

After watching some U.S. Open, and realizing Tiger was out of it, a short nap was clearly in order.  Then, the best stuff…

Since a photo is the first thing you see when you click on this blog, you may be wondering why in the world I’m wearing an apron. That said and truth told, I don’t know any fellas that mess with an apron, including me. That’s fine, ’cause here’s the thing: the apron in the pic is part of my Father’s Day gift, and is now one of my favorite things!

Like most of you, we’ve done a ton of grilling lately. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to Jennifer it might be kinda fun to get a Starbucks, barrista-style apron from somewhere (yes, she looked at me like I was a complete d.a.). Well, knowing that I love my job and that I feel at home in a pinstripe suit, Jennifer and Finley cleverly stopped me in my tracks with this gray, chalk, pinstripe… apron. 

Thank you, Jennifer & Finley, for this fun and thoughtful Father’s Day gift. We had a great day together, and I’m all about my new pinstripes. Unlike the steaks in the pic, this Father’s Day was very well done.

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