They Can’t Recreate Michael Jordan

I don’t know the official stats, but I have to think the NBA hasn’t been the same since Michael Jordan retired. No question, the media, along with the NBA itself, has tried incredibly hard to pump up current talent like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade to lure fans back to the days of Jordan. That’s their job, and they do a fine job.

The attempts continue to fall short, however, because the delusional ultimate rivalry is between today’s greatest players and Michael Jordan. Tonight’s game between the Mavericks and the Heat delivered the same result. As fun as the series was to watch, most of us watched a/the “Next” (Lebron James) Michael Jordan, get blown off of the debate.

Here’s the rub. Michael Jordan, night after night, took over basketball games. The man had ice in his veins. Not only did he have ice in his veins, he could change the flavor of his ice during a game. Whether it was dunking, fade away jumpers, defense, ref manipulation, coaching, bullying, staring, free throws, etc., he rose to the occasion and womped opponents. Conversely, not only did Lebron not do these things (any of them), he appeared not to want the basketball… in the NBA finals of a basketballing game… of basketball. #withmillionswatching

All around, some of this comparison stuff is unfair, due to timing and cable TV. For instance, Jordan was able to recreate the whole “game.” Not just the “game” of basketball, but the game of marketing and P.R., as well. Jordan came along in parallel with Nike and Gatorade, and they made each other brands for all time.

Jordan did things, night in and night out, that had never been seen before. Its argued that Jordan put the Harlem Globetrotters out of business. I mean, after all, with Jordan on TV, folks could see amazing things on a nightly basis.

No doubt, I’m biased. However, I was rooting for Lebron to do something awesome for the world to see. Instead, he stood on the perimeter looking like a scary decoy for others to get something done. Didn’t work. In short, Jordan made things happen. If he couldn’t “make” something happen, he did anything and everything he could to “will” it to happen. Conversely, Lebron “hoped” and/or “watched,”…really hard.

Free throws, are a whole ‘nother subject. Jordan made free throws. “.”

As great as Lebron James is at the game of basketball, this NBA Finals has pretty much put the Jordan comparisons to bed. As fair or as unfair as it may be, LeBron could win 4, 5 or 6 rings, but his heart/win legacy now has a ding. Michael Jordan’s heart of ice, and competitive spirit …has no dings.

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