Thomas & Elizabeth – Making It Happen!

WhittakerTombee264CambridgeAs you may have read, I’m having a big time with family and friends at Litchfield Beach, South Carolina. Am I having a good time? Yes. Do I miss the daily real estate grind in Columbia? You know it! (Given the amount of texts I’m answering, I don’t think anyone knows I’m gone..haha). Are we still getting it done? Oh yeah…

The pics above are a few examples of what’s going on. 1) This morning we closed the cute brick house on Whittaker Drive. 2) We locked down the Buyer’s side sale of 264 Tombee Lane in King’s Grant. 3) We presented an offer on 1311 Cambridge Lane. 4) We’re scheduled to close on “W. Buchanan” Friday morning. Not bad for being a few hours away. #Teamwork

Now that I’ve typed about all this cool stuff, I have to give a proper shout out to what’s really going on. While Amanda and I always cover for each other and are obviously joined at the real estate hip, and Amy is always in control of my ‘back office,’ Elizabeth Woodring Ross has stepped up big time and made this week happen. I’ll blog later about Elizabeth joining our real estate team, but for the moment I feel compelled to let her and any reader know how much she’s done to make things happen while Amanda, Amy, and I are away (all at different SC beaches, interestingly).

While Elizabeth is holding down the fort for our clients and hers, Thomas Shumpert is doing what he does best, closing transactions at a phenomenal pace.

Amy returns to Columbia tomorrow to help things get back to normal, and Amanda and I will be back Saturday night to tackle the rest of the summer.

Just FYI, Amy’s email is . She knows everything about every deal, and gets all of my voice-mails.  If you need anything not related to direct sales or showings, give her a shout.  For showings or direct sales inquires, please email .

Thank you!


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