The State; “The Big Winner Was…”

The State Finally Localizes Columbia Market
Today’s “YOUR HOME” section of The State Newspaper reflected what I’ve been saying for almost a year and a half. It reads, “The big winner was the downtown-Forest Acres area, which saw the smallest decline in home sales, and the biggest jump in home prices… Homes there were selling quicker…than any of the other major Columbia-area markets.” Finally, they said it.

We all know the market is down in the midlands, as it is across the country. However, real estate is very local. The outskirts of Columbia shouldn’t be lumped in the same conversation as the downtown market. Although it wasn’t pleasant to see a negative story in the newspaper, it was nice to finally see The State decipher the different areas of the midland market. Each area is very different.

Some people think that when I post about real estate, that I’m spinning a positive picture just because I’m a Realtor. Sure I want to report good news, but I’m writing about what’s actually happening out there. This weekend alone, I put a Forest Acres home under contract, made and offer one in King’s Grant and received one in Lake Katherine.

If you have a house that’s ready to move in and priced correctly, it should procure offers. I’ve seen it time and time again. I have buyers that are ready and able to purchase the right home, it it will just come to market.

Good for The State for localizing their latest article.


  1. good report about Forest Acres. I see houses priced fairly that have been sitting for months and I can’t get a call on my rental which is perfect. Glad about the good news though. Richland County Tax Assessor will be happy. 2009 is the year for reassessment.

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