The Last USC Spurrier Visor?

This afternoon I did a little market(ing) research. I’m pining whether or not to order the old school (big a**) visor for our next round of ‘Neighborhood’ schwag. I asked around the office for where I may be able to find a sample to purchase one for some research and development, and Liz Black belted out, “Palmetto Promotions?”

Today I found myself at Palmetto Promotions where I rekindled an old relationship with Chip Prezioso. As I was describing what I wanted, he led me to a shelf, “Franklin, this is the last one.” I thought, “Seriously?”

Apparently, Wednesday I bought the last Carolina Steve Spurrier, “signed” (stitched) visor ever produced. For context, Palmetto Promotions owns the “Steve Spurrier Official Signature Line.”

It’s interesting because I’m not really a star-struck guy, but I know Chip sold thousands of the visors. Two/three years removed from the OBC’s retirement, and I have the last visor of them all.

Kinda interesting at least, kinda fun at most.

See for context below.

Thank you!!!

Franklin Jones

“South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is so boss that he has his own autograph on his South Carolina hat.

How many coaches can say that?

Scratch that, how many coaches would actually wear a hat with their own autograph embroidered in it for the nation to see? Just one — the Ol’ Ball Coach.

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He’s rocking that hat while watching his Gamecocks demolish SEC newbie Missouri. So, at this point he probably feels like he can do whatever the hell he wants. Actually, he probably always feels that way. In fact, he went into the postgame press conference, gave a brief statement and left.

Like a boss.”

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