The Corn Caucus Has Spoken…

“HOLY” HUCK!!! It looks like Chuck Norris can kick butt, after all. I hear Huck may bring Ric Flair out when the campaign hits South Carolina. I guess they think Flair’s “Figure 4 leglock” is a little more effective in the south, than a Hollywood roundhouse kick. Nevertheless, it looks like its going to be Mitt vs Huck in a heavyweight fight.

Obama’Rama! Early in 2007, I asked a powerful Democrat, “Who’s running the Obama campaign in South Carolina”. His answer was interesting…”Obama’s not a campaign, He’s is a movement.” I have to admit, the email made me raise an eyebrow. As of tonight (with a little help from the Bill Richardson campaign), it looks like he may be on to something.


  1. Forge ahead says

    I should have known this is what you were doing last night. Za’s maybe ?? got that email, we never saw ya. NH, NV, and SC will be interesting as the dynamics shift in each one

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