The Best Job In The World; Finley’s Daddy

FinleyKiteFinleyKite2FinleyKite1While friends and readers of this blog know how addicted I am to my job, I love hanging out with family. After all, I have a gorgeous wife who happens to be a perfect mother to our precious little girl.

Tuesday night I got home around 7ish, which thanks to daylight savings time gave me the chance to spend a little outdoor time with our Finley.

The pics above are of Finley and me flying a kite for the first time.

In case you didn’t know, Hand Middle School’s walking track, in Shandon, makes for an ideal kite flying experience. The open air field is prime real estate for running around like a fool with a thin string attached to a $5.00 kite.

While I have an iPhone video, I’m a little embarrassed about all the panting in the background. As far as the actual kite flying goes, I had forgotten how much sprinting was involved. After all, I’m not sure I’ve flown one in over 30 years.

Notwithstanding a bunch of air gasping, Finley and I had a HUGE time together.

What a fun night.



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