The Best It Can Be Done…

Every now and then in our everyday lives, we run across, or in some cases, sit in front of, excellence. When it happens, one or more of our senses pick up on the excellence.

Sunday morning Governor Henry McMaster presented Associate Pastor/Minister of Music, Steve Phillips, with The Order of the Palmetto, our state’s highest honor.

This is well deserved as Steve Phillips may have entertained, lifted the spirits, inspired, and/or saved as many Sandlappers as anyone.

I have a line written in one of my real estate training journals that reads, “Are you doing this the best you can do it, or are you doing this the best it can be done?” I don’t know where I got this, but I wrote it down and love it. Steve Phillip’s music program continues to be the best it can be done.

I don’t know much about music, but I do know when people are moved and inspired. The FBC choir, led by Phillips, often blows the congregation’s hair back and very often moves people to tears. I’ve witnessed this since I was a freshman at USC in 1991, when I began attending and sitting with my grandparents, Leon and Sylvene Jones. While FBC is on statewide TV every Sunday morning, I can tell you with full authority that TV doesn’t do Phillip’s music program justice.

I’ve often thought that Dr. Wendell Estep has the best and worst job in the pastoring business, depending on how one looks at it. On one hand, he has the immense pressure to bring his A-game every single week because of what the music program delivers before he hits the stage. On the flip side, Dr. Estep can nestle in a few paragraphs to get by, and that’s OK. After all, the music was so awesome that the congregation is spiritually lifted and good to go for the week.

I’m just kidding. Dr. Estep brings it every Sunday and everyone loves him and his messages.

I don’t want to overdo all of this, but if you want to be moved, go to First Baptist Church on Sunday at 10:30.

Sit up front.

Franklin Jones

Side Note – I swiped the photo above from someone’s Facebook page.

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