Thanks For Having Us, Brennen Bulldogs!

BrennenAuctionSaturday night Jennifer attended the ‘Brennen Elementary School Auction.’ Big time!

I’ve probably attended this fundraiser for the past four or five years. A few years ago, an active parent and friend asked me to be a sponsor which of course I said, “Sure!” At the time we weren’t zoned for Brennen and didn’t have a child old enough to attend. I didn’t care. Here’s the thing. Schools are a driving force of any community, and Brennen is a positive influence @ Downtown Columbia, SC. Real estate values zoned for Brennen speak volumes.

It’s not my usual practice to post whimsical (too fun) pics on the blog. That said, one of our friends posted the pic above on Facebook, so I went ahead and poached it. Honestly, it’s all I had.

Well done to the parents and staff of Brennen Elementary. The BBQ dinner was yum, there was an impressive overload of cool auction items available, and the place was packed. What’s most impressive about the whole thing? Parental involvement. I’m not sellin’ you, I’m tellin’ you that the parents at this school are uber involved and create a top shelf atmosphere for Midland’s students.

Thanks to Brennen Elem for having us. A good time was had by everyone in attendance, including us.


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