Good Times In Manning, SC!

FinleySarahBrideFInleySarahDadMomFinleySarahFlowerGirlFinleySarahiPhoneFinleySarahFandJAs some may have noticed on Facebook I’ve spent some quality time in Manning lately. Before Christmas Day, all five of us cruised to Clarendon County to spend an afternoon with the Black family. It was great. We all had a big time together opening gifts and laughing around a Christmas tree. Ivey paid special attention to Papa Black for a long time, Aunt Liz and Finley acted like BFFs, and Nora Jones made sure everyone knew her ars was there.

A week or so before our Christmas, was the perfect wedding weekend of Sarah Black to Renny Buddin. I may be able to type more about the stellar event a little later, but I’m not sure how many pictures have been released. In short, I don’t want the mamma of the bride jumping me for showing too much without permission!

I’ll type this, though. I’ve walked the right aisle (from the church entrance) of the Manning United Methodist Church sanctuary many times. Mr. and Mrs. Black sit on this side, so that’s what I know. Sarah’s wedding was the second time I’ve walked all the way down to the front from the opposite aisle. Those who knew me over a decade ago will remember the first time. During the procession, I watched Sarah Black walk down that opposite aisle, directly behind my five year old daughter, Finley. Jennifer just patted me on the back.

Why am I posting this, you may ask? To have a platform to post a few pics! (I’m not even sure the bride has seen these). One of the reasons the bride and groom chose Stacey Quattlebaum as their photographer, is because of how Stacey has ‘captured’ my girls over the years. Stacey sent Jennifer and me a few the other night..

Thank you for letting me be a proud daddy!


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