Thank You, Saluda River Club!

Tonight, Amanda and I, along with some of our favorite Realtor friends, lender partners, and other fine vendors found ourselves at the Central Carolina Realtor Associaton’s Boots & Blue Jeans Fundraising Event.

The annual event was held at the first class, top shelf, Chickawa Outdoor Center at the nationally-acclaimed Saluda River Club in Lexington, SC.

As a Realtor in the Midlands I’m often asked (and told emphatically), “Why can’t/doesn’t Columbia take advantage of the rivers more?” I’m told, “Look at Jacksonville, FL…look at Knoxville, TN… look at Greenville, SC.” You fill in the blank….

My answer is, “I get it, and wish we could. It would be awesome.”

Truth told, railroad dynamics, generational ownership, topography/slope problems, and federal regulations (think Green Diamond) prevent impactful river living among our three waterways.

Why do I bring this up? The Saluda River Club found a niche and location that puts it all together very well, professionally and luxuriously. You asked for river living in the Midlands. Saluda River Club is the answer, big time.

I have zero authority here but BIG SHOUT OUT to the Saluda River Club! The F|A Network appreciates you and all you do.

Special thanks to everyone’s favorite, Kara Powell!

Thank you for having us!

Franklin Jones

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