Thank You, Paul, For Sharing This Info!


Wednesday morning I got a notification “DIingGG!!” from KW’s incredibly active Facebook page. Turns out fellow Realtor, Paul Arvay, saw somewhere that this blog has been recognized as “Best Real Estate Blogs – 2016.” Ok, pretty cool!

What does this mean? –  Someone outside of Columbia, SC has read and paid a little attention to this blog. What does this do? – Makes me feel good. What do I do with this info? – Blog about it, of course haha.

This “award” got me thinking so I did a little research. According to the back end of this site I’ve been blogging since May of 2007, and have written more than 1,250 posts. If you’re a longtime reader, you’re aware most of my years were with the Blogger platform, but my buddy Wesley Donehue and helped me make the change to WordPress.

Truth told, 1,200 posts have probably aged my ars. I mean, this is A LOT of late night sugar free Red Bulls. To illustrate in real time; I have three daughters, Jen and I are to board a plane for a long weekend in NYC, it’s 1:44AM, and I’m typing. As many of you know from past posts, if Jen and I go to Anderson, Clinton, Manning, Litchfield, or wherever, I post. If I travel to a real estate training event or Amanda and I go to a KW convention, I post.

When folks ask me, “I’m thinking about starting a blog! What do you think What should I write about?” 90% of the time I say in a very monotone voice, “Don’t do it.” To Realtors, inspectors, lenders, lawyers, politicians, parents, patients, philanthropists, etc, etc, etc., I ask the same question; “What are you going to write about?” Even after asking and I advise as truthfully as I know how, their blogs go dormant after three to five posts.  I just say, “I’m tellin’ ya….”

What I’m getting at is relevant and consistent blogging is a time warping, thought tossing beast.

It’s flattering to be mentioned in this list of blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of Realtors in the United States tens of thousands of blogs.

Naturally, t’s nice to be recognized. I’m not sure how he ran across the info, but big thanks to Paul Arvay for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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