Thank You, Mary Clyde Culbreath.

MaryClyde1Last night as I was getting in my car I noticed a screenshot text from my niece, Elizabeth Black. If you don’t know me or don’t follow this blog, the pic above is my/our new friend, Mary Clyde Culbreath, holding a sign proclaiming who she’s walking for in a “Relay For Life.”  As you might imagine, I smiled the rest of the way home.

If you do follow this blog, you saw this post about how Mary Clyde and I were introduced. I won’t forget how this young lady came into our lives.

I intended to post the pic directly on Facebook, but the minute I got in the house the twins and I were making what we call a “baby pile!” By the time all my girls were asleep Kinsey’s sister-in-law, Theresa Black, had already posted the pic. I’m glad she did.

Thank you, Mary Clyde! You are awesome and we love how you’ve expressed your admiration for Kinsey.

I think your Instagram bud, Alison_Manley explains it perfectly in the snapshot, “She will be proud to have you in her footsteps.” Alison is spot on.


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