Thank You Mark & Owen For Early BDay!

FAZasWhile this week has been productive and busy, it feels like a lot of folks are gearing up (or gearing down) for a big 4th of July week. That said, the 3rd is my birthday so a couple of the fellas from one of our favorite lender partners invited the team for a late lunch/early happy hour this afternoon. Of course the answer was, “Sure!”

The atmosphere in the pic above is a little, “Ummm…are we at Za’s at 3:00 on a Thursday!?” Maybe!!! The short answer is yes, but the back story is that Amanda and I had to meet with a seller at 4. After we finished up on Heyward Street she dropped me off and Owen (far right) and I met in the same spot again before my appointment with another Realtor a little later. What I’m getting at is that it was short, but appreciated. It was fun.

Cool thanks to Mark Tibshrany and Owen Edwards of Guild Mortgage for invite, and as everyone knows I enjoy being with the team in and outside office work. It was a good to hang out, even for a short while.

Thank you!!…and Heyward we will have to catch you next week!!

Franklin Jones

Side Note: The fella in the TV beat Rafa Nadal today.

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