Daddy Opportunity: Lesson > Net.

Sunday afternoon one of everyone’s favorite people, Barbie Anders Fulda, posted up on a neighborhood Facebook page, “Tennis Screen. Free. Just let me know if you would like it.”

Having just finished a match, and just before the bottom was about to fall out of the sky, I thought, “Damn’t..,” and responded that I would be there in a few minutes. “Perfect!,” she responds.

Hmmm….it was cold and starting to rain, so I had to act quickly.

Suburban, golf cart, or just throw it in the neighborhood woods to pick up later…?

Answer: Cart.


Finley was out and about and Jen and Ivey were on their way back from a friend’s house.

Answer: Nora. (Full disclosure, we passed Jen and Ivey in the street and we asked Ivey if she wanted to go with us. Answer: “I want to stay with Mommie.”

Thumbs up….all good. (enter unappropriate birdie finger HERE)

Fast forward to our trip and my Nora stepped up without a flinch. When we arrived Mrs. Barbie was awesome and Mr. John Eric turned the corner and snapped a zip-tie for insurance. We strapped Nora in a seat belt and she kept the screen in check, cold and wet, weaving through traffic, the whole way to the house.

I’m sure our neighbors to the right (the house in the pic above) are thrilled about our new tennis net! 😐

In all, it was a fantastic experience with one of my girls. While Nora doesn’t own the net for herself, it is very well known amongst our fam that we wouldn’t have it without her help on Sunday.

The experience was (and still is) a good lesson learned about attitude and effort.

Truth told, all my girls understood the lesson, and Nora got the “net.”

Thank you, John Eric, Barbie…and NORA JONES!

Franklin Jones

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