Thank You, EDS & Ms. Susu!!

imageToday Jennifer, Nana Fran, and I attended Finley’s “graduation” from Eastiminster Day School (the rest of Finley’s fam was stuck on I-26). It was her last day of kindergarten, and the end of a small but fun era for us.

We had a few good choices going into this school year. We chose EDS for two major reasons: 1 – ‘Sibling status’ for the twins. 2 – Ms. Susu. While the former may have backfired a little, the latter was an absolute perfect fit.

Ms. Susu has taken our Finley to a new world and we are excited about moving forward. The most comforting part is that even though she’s the youngest and smallest, she can flat read. Can she bust a perfect SAT score and go to Yale? Nope. That said, we are happy with Finley’s academic ability and confidence.

We’ve had a grand time at EDS and from our first days I could feel it was a top shelf place to be. I’ve attended “registration” at EDS since Jennifer was pregnant with Finley and watched demand for the school in awe. I’ve said more than a few times (half kidding, of course), “Moms have checkbooks looking for someone to bribe, but there’s no one to bribe.”

Of course I can’t see the future, but as I look around it feels like Finley has made lifelong friends from her days at EDS. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the parents, teachers, and staff, and had a good time at Fall Festivals, auctions, and other events. Sure, I could have done without ‘bag-gate,’ but that ended up being a good idea fanned into combustion (not to be confused with ‘shirt-gate,’ of course).

Well done, Eastiminster Day School. I couldn’t be happier as you have prepared my girl (and me) for the next step.

Thank you!


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