Thank You, Columbia, SC!

Today marks the anniversary date when three big-eyed, somewhat uneasy REALTORS took a step out of their comfort zones a few years ago.

I can remember the Friday afternoon before the weekend started a few years ago. Amy had gone home for the weekend and I got on the phone with Jennifer. She asked, “well, babe. Did you drop the mic?” My response was, “I did.” Her immediate response was, “holy s%*#!”

That Sunday, Amy and I packed up our stuff from what had been our professional home for 10 years and hauled it all to my garage. Jen was not pleased, as much of it is still there today! :-O

The above graphic is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people including the ones who supported and/or simply believed in Elizabeth, Amy, and me. The positivity was not unanimous from some of my real estate colleagues in the Columbia market, and I had to hear some tough words regarding bringing this disruptive franchise to Downtown Columbia. That said, my heart is full and I love our story.

If you or anyone you know would like to discuss a career in real estate sales, please raise your hand! One of the most common phrases I run across in this industry is, “I wish I had started this sooner.” Well, me too! Call/text 803-447-8683 or email and we can talk about what we mean when we say, “changing lives through real estate.”

Thank you, Columbia, SC!

Franklin Jones



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