Teen Wolf Seen At Carolina Cup

Amount of LaRoque Dresses Seen? ZERO

GOOD GRIEF!!! My good friend Allison Farrell (girl in pic) decided to surprise me on FaceBook today with this picture. I had to do a double take, actually a triple take. Actually, I had to ask her if it was me.

Judging from the tie and hair (helmet), this pic was taken around ’94-’96. I remember the tie because it’s the one I wore during the monsoon game when USC played East Carolina. I was SO mad that the tie was pretty much ruined in that rain. The stadium was totally flooded. It was awful at the time, but I guess made for a good story. After about a year of drying and flattening out, I wore it a good bit when I ran for the state house in ’96.

The hair makes me shake my head…and wince. I guess my hairline today(in picture on top of page) is a result of using gobs of mousse (WhiteRain, I think) AND AquaNet. If you don’t remember, AquaNet was the equivalent of Ramen Noodles (another favorite of the time). You could get a ton of both, for about 14 cents.

Shoot, with all of that hair, maybe I should do like other Realtors, and use a 12 year old picture on my marketing pieces. Well, maybe not….


  1. Anonymous says

    That’s a good lookin woman with Mr. Slick!! I think she was at the Cup again this year.

  2. Anonymous says

    that’s pretty funny…good thing the sun hadn’t gone down

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