Team Sheheen Retains Trav Robertson

Sheheen Campaign Calls On Obama’s State Director

A few days ago it was announced that Vincent Sheheen hired Trav Robertson to be part of his campaign to be the next governor of South Carolina. This should be a good move for Team Sheheen as Trav has a heathly history with most of the states top Democrats.

“We are fortunate to have Trav join our team. Trav has run campaigns for Congressman John Spratt, State Treasurer Grady Patterson and President Obama, and he understands all aspects of campaigning. Trav knows South Carolina’s potential and understands that my campaign will focus on moving our state forward,” Sheheen said.

In my bias, Trav is one who recognizes that any campaign shouldn’t be too focused on one medium of vote collection. While he’s certainly a grassroots guru, Trav is also well versed in the new media and social media platforms that are so important to today’s election efforts. I appreciate this balance very much, as I try very hard to implement it in my real estate practice every day.

Further, Trav isn’t afraid to throw a punch. Trav’s most recent punch came only weeks ago when The State Newspaper asked Trav what he thought about Dwight Drake’s bid for governor. I don’t remember verbatim what Trav said, but I certainly recall that he didn’t hold anything back.

Good luck to Vincent and Trav. They’ll have fun in strategy sessions and traveling around South Carolina. Even though I’m a long way from choosing a candidate on either side of the aisle, I would love to be a fly on the wall in this campaign headquarters.

I’ve often said that Trav is worth 2% points in a ‘D’ primary. I guess we’ll see!


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