Take A Look At All Those Realtors….

The pics above are of a sales seminar given by one of the more popular real estate coaches in the U.S. I wish the pics were clearer but this is the max size allowed on my Blogger template. It isn’t capturing the full tone of the moment, but you get the idea. There are 1,000’s of salespeople in there!
To see this on an iPad in full screen is quite a sight. I had to do a double take, and actually thought so much of it that I’m typing on the subject. There are a few things that struck me:
1)  Tom Ferry can pack a freakin’ house. Totally impressed that he draws this kind of crowd. I’ve not attended his seminar, but maybe he’s on to something. I dunno, but WOW.
2)  Look at all that competition. Folks and friends often approach me about getting into the residential real estate industry. The images above speak volumes, and here’s what fence sitters should take away from the pics: unless you’re entering real estate sales with an all-in, full-tilt, adrenaline, time, and sweat soaked sponge attitude… don’t do it. Don’t even go through the motions. 
Again, take a look at that crowd. That’s only one city, and one seminar. Sure, you can make some bucks by selling a few houses, but unless you dive in hard core, it’s not going to produce enough fruit to be worth the effort and fees.
3)  We need to step up our game. Our local MLS membership hovers around 2,000 +/- members. Yes, Amanda and I are posting top production numbers in Columbia’s real estate market. That said, the pic above is a quick reminder that in the big scheme of things, there are much bigger producers in other parts of the United States.  
After all the hard work we’ve done, that last paragraph was hard to type. However, competition is a great motivator and I need to get over it. To be blunt, tomorrow I need to suit up and just do better. 
To sum up, I welcome anyone and everyone to this awesome industry. The images above just struck me in a big way and puts a lot of what we do into perspective. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m impressed at how many real estate sales professionals are trying to step up their game, which makes me want to get up in a few hours and crush it.
Side Note:  Some of you may notice that I “Checked In” at CBUR-Midtown on Facebook around 1:45AM. This may seem a little weird, but the truth is I committed my biggest pet peeve. Once again, I didn’t pack up my laptop power cord when I left the office today;  HATE… H-A-T-E it when I do that. Given tonight is a “blog night,” it was killing me not being able to post up, so I drove over to get it. There you go…


  1. D. Williamson says

    Franklin, I knew back in 1998 when I met you at Leon Jones Insurance that you were the kind of cream that would rise to the top of anything upon which you would embark. Your present success and level of clientele proves just that. I'm glad to call you my friend!

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