Starbucks Buzz @ Downtown Columbia

StarbucksWoodhillStarbucksDriveThruThis morning I found myself in an impromptu meeting with a national rep from Starbucks. If you know me, or are a regular reader of this blog you’re fully aware of a few of my traits. 1) I have no problem striking up conversation with complete strangers at any time. 2) I sop up information like a Swiffer Mop. 3) I love Starbucks.

Not that you care anything about my characteristics… I learned today that the Starbucks at Woodhill Mall (Target location) will be moving its Barristas a few doors down to the former Qdoba Mexican Grill location. Why? Please welcome your new downtown Columbia, SC ‘Drive Thru’ Starbucks Coffee! WoOHoO!

Turns out Drive Thru opportunities open a whole ‘nother profit center for Starbucks (duh), and the retail giant is pouncing on the former Qdoba corner. Makes sense to me!

If this info has been published before and is old news, please excuse the post. That said, the info was news to me so I’m going with it. I asked her, “Is this happening? Can I blog/tweet about it?” She responded, “It’s done. Probably in the fall of 2013.” There ya go.

Further still, after discussing about real estate opportunities in the vicinity of the other Columbia, SC Starbucks locations, we talked at length about one of the other stores making a change. Whoa…

Stay tuned. I’m all over this one…