Quality Closings Going On @Columbia

As I see folks around town I hear time and again how laser focused we seem to be on King’s Grant, Heathwood, and Shandon. From recent blog posts I can see how readers would come to such a conclusion. Not true!

In the last six business days we’ve closed two homes in Forest Acres, and one in Lexington, respectively. The pics above are of a top shelf home at 112 Glenbrooke Circle in Forest Glen, a townhome at 112 Carlyle Circle in ‘The Laureate’ (Forest Drive), and 128 Circleview Drive – Woodcreek in Lexington.

While I blog about Forest Acres, etc. at the same frequency as Shandon, Heathwood, and King’s Grant, it’s interesting to experience how blogging, perception, and reality mix. Interestingly, many friends would bet money I live in King’s Grant. I’ve heard this assumption more than 10 times in the last year, including today at a listing appointment down Leesburg Rd. The homeowner couldn’t believe I didn’t live in KG.

I only bring this up to squash any perception that we only care about a few areas. To the contrary, we are all over the Midlands and proudly treat every seller/listing the same. Equal www.Zillow.com  presence, equal www.Realtor.com presence, equal time/money time invested (notwithstanding a few videos).

All three of the closings above enjoy top dollar from their respective neighborhoods. Appraisers have already inquired about all three sales in an attempt to use them for nearby sales and refi opportunities. Sidenote: I love it when appraisers do this.

This all said, if you or anyone you know is thinking of or ready to put their home on the market, anywhere in the Midlands, please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com .

Thank you!