“Sweetie” Sparks, No Longer With Us :(

After 18 years of love and loyalty to my wife, “Sweetie” is no longer with her.

I hesitate to type about personal drama twice in a row, but since Sweetie has been such an integral part of my relationship with Jennifer, I’m going for it. To be sure, there aren’t many things that have withstood our time together like Sweetie has.

“Sweetie The Wiener Dog,” and I have endured a long, love/hate relationship. Admittedly, 51% of the time has the needle leaning toward the hate side of things. That said, I’m big enough to recognize the reason we had our troubles, is because of her love for Jennifer.

Sweetie pretty much had a perfect life. Sweetie peed and crapped indoors on a “potty pad” and at her pleasure, lived in 70 – 72 degrees, slept between Jennifer legs in a king size bed. She never had to deal with any boy dog drama, and even got a doggie treat every time she used the bathroom. I’ll let that sit in for a few seconds……………… Yes, every time. Sure, every now and then she’d chase a lizard or bark at a cat, but probably never broke out in a sweat.

In the heat of many moments, I often thought of the old man vs dog phrase, “It’s the dog, or me.” When “The Dog Whisperer” came to TV, I begged Jennifer to watch it. She watched the show once, and immediately started spraying Sweetie in the face with water. Thank GOD for the “Dog Whisperer,” and this baby step from that one episode.

I try to put spoiled demeanor in good light, thinking our daughter Finley will be a better baby/child/person, because of the lessons Jennifer and I learned from Sweetie The Wiener Dog. How’s that for positive spin???

In all, Sweetie was all anyone could want from a dog/pet. She was loyal to the core to her pack leader. When Jennifer was at her loneliest moments in life, Sweetie was there to share them…and that’s enough for me.

Jennifer did a ‘big person’ thing today. She took Sweetie, by herself, and helped her long time friend to the final level of life’s cycle. I can’t imagine Jennifer’s tears. They were prolly bigger than Sweetie.

I almost alerted everyone on Facebook about Sweetie’s goodbye. I stopped short, however, as I thought it best to let Jennifer handle it at her own pace. Nevertheless, I hope you will give her a big Facebook hug, whenever she’s ready. 🙁


  1. Very sad to see Sweetie Sparks go. Big hugs to Sparkie and you. So sad to say goodbye to our pets. they are our children. :'(

  2. So hard to lose our four legged family members. So sad, 🙁

  3. It is very hard when we lose our four legged family members. So sorry to read about your sweetie.

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