Swagger a 680; That’s How You Roll…

680 is your number, if you aren’t 700.

I know you hear about credit scores all of the time. However, no one ever tells you what is good, and what is great. 700 or above is great. 680 (I didn’t make up this number) will get you almost whatever you need.

When shopping for a mortgage, your broker/banker will research your score. If it is over 700, you can pretty much buy whatever you want (within reason). Many times, they don’t need any more information. You are done.

If you are not quite hitting the 700 mark, 680 is your target. If you can swagger in with a 680 score, many times you can get the same rate (or close to it) as you can with a 700. The only difference is that you may have to show some bank statements, profit/loss statements, income levels, etc., etc. This is not usually a big problem, as this basic information is easily found.

Don’t get me wrong, you can purchase homes with a MUCH lesser score. I am simply giving you a target number. If you can hit 680, you can borrow money at a lesser rate, and probably bring much less CASH to the closing table.

You can check your scores in a few ways. www.equifax.com , www.experian.com , www.transunion.com. I believe you can receive (per the federal government) one free credit report per year. Investing or living in Columbia, SC, try Equifax first. This company has more of a Southeastern U.S. focus.

Check it out. Your buying (borrowing) power will surprise you if you can hit 680. Email me if you need help getting there.


  1. Anonymous says

    You can also sign up on those credit reporting sites for automatic updates when anything in your credit changes … i.e. you can know if someone else authorizes an inquiry for credit on your dime.

  2. anonymous,

    That’s right! Check your score as often as you can, and work to make your number as high as possible. It will make all of the difference. Buyers will be stunned at what they can buy if they just work on their score…

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