Strokin’ Checks To Stay on the Lists

Having Finley affords me the annual opportunity to hang out with 40 or 50 friends for about two fun but dormant hours. I found myself in this now familiar place this past Wednesday morning as I waited for her name to be called at a local day school.

The day school business in Columbia is pretty fascinating to say the least. Finley’s been registered with 8 schools around town since Jenna was pregnant. At Eastminster Pres. the other day, Finley’s name was called pretty late in the rotation. Turns out we are # 33 or 34 on the ‘Toddler 1″ list. As you can imagine, this isn’t a great spot to be in

We were thrilled to get a call from Incarnation Lutheran on Tuesday. This popular program has an opening for Finley as long as she can ‘sit up’ by herself. We’re almost there! We’re proud to enroll her at Incarnation as we have many friends that are involved with the program.

I’m sure we’ll stay on all of the lists around town as Incarnation is a few extra miles from work. Either way, we’re happy.

I had fun with my friends the other day at Eastminster. I gladly stroked the check to ‘stay on the list’ as did everyone else. I’m sure I’ll stroke it again next year, too. 🙂

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