Steve vs Bob for Mayor of Columbia, SC

Common Name Election Sure To Get Complex

This will be very interesting (and painful) to watch as political friendships will be tested.
Some hours ago friends of Steve Benjamin received this on Facebook; Steve Benjamin is running for Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina. We will run a positive campaign and with your help we can provide our citizens with the Leadership, Vision and Accountability that we deserve.”

I blogged about this upcoming race a some months ago. Since I’m swamped and it’s now 2:07 am, I’m going to defer my thoughts about the race to this, as the electoral dynamics haven’t dramatically changed.

Given the facets of the local electorate, if a strong Republican leaning candidate enters the race, this could be complicated for the best of Columbia’s political strategists.

There ya go! After months of rumors and Starbucks talk, Steve Benjamin is officially in the race for mayor of Columbia, SC.

This is sure to be a local humdinger!!!


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