Stepping in Gorilla Poop on Facebook

Terrible Comment on FBook Brands Palmetto State
I may not know much about being funny, social networking or P.R….but I do know that this “Comment” on Facebook has worked out like viral internet diarrhea…of gorilla proportion.
When I read about the ‘gorilla comment’ on FBook sometime last week I thought, “oof”. When I heard who the writer was I said, “Ruhroh!”
Actually, I expected to see a big deal made about it on the Sunday morning political shows. When I didn’t see anything about it, I thought he actually dodged a major bullet. Not so…
I know everyone does things that they regret. I also know that the new social media allows people to put their foot in their mouths in very large fashion. This is one of those instances.
We’ll see how this all plays out. At present, this awful attempt at humor is another terrible piece of P.R. for South Carolina.


  1. hm… nice thread.

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