Stellar Home To Close In ‘Greenbriar.’

radcliffeSometime Friday a “Big Dog” will hit Columbia’s MLS system, as 5031 Radcliffe Road will be entered as “Closed.” Almost three years have gone by as we’ve worked to make this win/win transaction happen.

‘Radcliffe’ is located in an area called Greenbriar, which is one of Downtown Columbia’s premiere neighborhoods. Many folks (even folks that have lived here all their lives) have never heard of ‘Greenbriar,’ but some know it very well. It’s kinda nestled between Clemson Road and Trenholm..behind Crayton Middle School.  Some other streets in the neighborhood are Hillside, Roslyn, and Chicora, to name a few.

5031 Radcliffe is pretty spectacular. The current owners held an engagement party for Jennifer and me a few weeks before we were married. It was awesome. The living room and den create and “L” shape onto a backyard brick patio that is of magazine level, and the stacked stone fireplace is straight out of a Ralph Lauren advertisment.

The home is about 4,500 square feet, and selling for $1,000,000.

Congratulations are in tall order to the buyers and sellers of this beautiful home.

Franklin Jones

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