Statehouse Shakeup Coming Soon..?

Sen. Courson’s Decision Could Cause Quite a Stir
Rumors within Columbia’s political circles are that Sen. John Courson (R-Richland), may take the top post at the SC Lottery Commission. I’ve heard many times that Sen. Courson may run for statewide office or take a good, high paying post within state government.

If this takes place there will be lots of talk as to who would run for the seat. Instead of devoting a paragraph or so to each potential candidate, I decided to throw a picture up to some of likely candidates

Rep. James Smith, a Democrat, is probably THE front runner of the group. James won his house seat in ’96 and hasn’t really been challenged since. He’s a popular representative with loads of fundraising potential. If James runs for Courson’s seat, he’ll be the one to beat.
Mayor Bob may be the wild card in the bunch. While I recognize that he stated that he isn’t seeking another political office at this time, it has to be mentioned that his statement was made before the rumor mill started churning about Sen. Courson vacating the senate. After all, they live two doors from each other.

Richand County Treasurer David Adams is another sleeper for Courson’s job. David is a wildly popular Treasurer who handily defeated a longtime incumbent. If he decides to run for the seat the dynamics may shift big time. David may love his current job too much to run. We’ll see.
Republicans are going to have a pretty hard time with this potential shuffle, as the district probably sets up nicely to be a “pick up seat” for Democrats. Nevertheless, I’d think the GOP would field an interesting candidate. Nathan Ballentine and/or Rick Quinn come to mind.
If all of this comes to fruition a whole new dynamic comes into play. When/if Rep. James Smith decides to run for the senate, who runs for Smith’s House District 72? This race probably sets up nicely for a political newcomer.

I wonder how much $$ it would take to win. Hmmm….


  1. Senator Courson finna put the titty squeeze on us all if he run for office! It's like the first sign of the apocalypse!

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