Starbucks Downsizes, And It’s Ok..

My Real Estate Business Owes A Lot To Starbucks.

New Realtors often ask me, “How did ‘you‘ get started?” I often respond, “I went to Starbucks.” When they look at me puzzled I continue, “Then I would go to another Starbucks…” When they squint their eyes for more, I explain….”That’s where the people are!” I watch the light bulb go off, almost every time…

Today, I received no less than 10 emails/Texts (so far), alerting me that our beloved Starbucks Coffee Company will be closing 600 stores, and cutting 12,000 jobs. Even I have to admit, that 1 Five Shot Venti Americano = 1 Gallon of Gas in America…

Every time I received another alert, I had to just shake my head, and show my phone to whoever was in the car with me. Of course, I had a Starbucks product in my cup holder, as we proceeded with our daily real estate “chores.”

Of late, there are only a handful of phenomenons out there, that can boast that they have affected a generation, or created an entirely new “segment” of our culture. Tiger, Google, Crocks, FaceBook, RedBull, UnderArmour come to mind. Of course, Starbucks is in this group.

Howard Schultz created his vision of a “3rd place,” for Americans to go between home and work. Apparently, he just built too many of them for today’s economy to handle. Kudos to the company for sipping some pride, and adjusting accordingly such that it can survive for the longer haul. Apparently, some of the stores are so close together, that they are cannibalizing each other. The company deserves even more props for choosing to close stores, instead of “watering down” the product that made it great.

I know it’s expensive. I know too, that Starbucks has created a meeting place for people all over Columbia, SC. The only local Starbucks store that may take a hit in my mind is the one across from Target, on Garners Ferry. All of the other stores in Columbia seem very healthy. I know I will be at one of them tomorrow.

P.S. As I was typing this, emailed me that, “Your Rewards Are Here. Now Come and Get Them.” NICE!!! 5 Shot, Iced Venti Americano, or Venti Coffee!?? Hmmmmmmm….Decisions…..

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